This is the support section for all G4J joomla extensions. If you have any questions about installation, usage or anything else post them in the forum. To get write access open an account and feel free to post (this is needed because kunena has at the moment a lack with handling spam entries in the forum, this means the captcha integration is very limited).

If you think you have found a bug feel free to open a new thread in the forum and the administrator team will move it to the corresponding forum category.

Paid Support

Do you get stuck with a G4J extension with an unsolved problem and are desperate, or do you need an individual modification to integrate a G4J extension much smoother into your web site? Did you use the forum and the documentation and still no success? You think you need professional help? Then you need the G4J paid support.

Please open a ticket at the ticket site (you have to be registered and logged in) with your request. We from the G4J team will answer you when and how much it will cost to solve the ticket. If you accept the amount and made the payment trough paypal, then we will solve your request as soon as possible. Please keep in mind that we have a job to do and also a private life, so we can't always solve it immediately. But we will try our best!!

Thank you for using the G4J paid service.
Allon Moritz (main developer)